A team of young, hungry, tech-savvy entrepreneurs from varying backgrounds.
We have several successful businesses in the Crypto ecosystem. We saw an opportunity in miner hosting, so we seized it. We are not fly-by-night, and customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We want to make it easier for you, and everyone you know, to dive deeper in to the see of cryptocurrencies and emerge more prosperous than ever. We believe by mining we take our small part in maintaining cryptocurrency ecosystem and help ensure financial security for each one of us.


1. Superior Deployment:

We will get your miners working for you in no time.
We handle all the setups of your equipment and take care of maintenance.
You will get fast and easy deployment without sacrificing security, reliability, and quality.
We will supply the best and the leading equipment available today on the market.
We will develop and implement the software considering your requirements and goals.

2. 24/7 Maintenance With Dedicated Team:

Our team, staffed with experts, is performing maintenance on your behalf 24/7.
The profitability of miners is dependent on how efficiently they can be run.
We provide adequate power and cooling as mining units produce large amounts of heat and require significant electricity and climate conditions.
We will also keep your units up to date with the latest firmware upgrades.
We will increase your profitability as well as ours.

3. High-Density:

We can accommodate anyone, regardless of size, large or small.

4. Low Rates:

We offer the most competitive kW/h rates in our region.
0.00 $ Setup fee if you purchase miners from us.

5. Access & Monitoring:

We have developed own software for monitoring and administration of mining data centers of any size and capability supporting most of existing mining equipment on the market and ensuring highest profitability thanks to our unique algorithm of profitability switching.
You get Users Friendly interface for monitoring your hardware providing detailed information about profitability data and technical conditions

6. 99.99 Uptime:

Maximum uptime with onsite technicians 24/7.

7. Mining Hardware:

Don't have any miners? No worries, we also sell them.
We have direct contracts with most of mining equipment manufacturers and we purchase mining hardware, accessories and spare parts for you with no extra cost in case of colocation.

8. Software:

As mentioned above we have developed own software and profitability algorithm for monitoring and administration of mining data centers.
In case of an appropriate desire, we provide the software, as well as installation and operation in the data centers of all sizes and types.


To provide the most efficient and optimal co-located hosting opportunity for mining hardware as ASIC and GPU miners are extremely valuable units of hardware, as they continuously generate cryptocurrency 24 hours a day.
To Supply the best and the leading hardware equipment, parts and accessories on the market.
To Develop and implement the software of any functionality and complexity meeting the requirements of the client in details.


Our hosting facility is an interior unit located on secure commercial property.
We also have independent security on site. Only staff have the access to the location of the units.
Our servers for e-mail and websites and control center are not hosted at the same location, instead we use the services of the best German service provider in Europe.


Our hosting facility is fully insured with liability coverage and extended coverage to cover client’s equipment hosted with us for the duration of the service.


We provide our customers with a secure “User Account Page” to track the progress and payouts of their units.


We are working seven days a week to address any inquiries.
You can find all the services we provide and all the product that we supply following the links: Products, Services